Moskau: 20.4.-22.4. – Foreignerslife-Messe


We are there – wir sind vor Ort, besuchen Sie uns – come and visit

Foreignerslife is a 3-days event dedicated to expats, foreigners and global minded Russians.

Its main idea is to help our visitors make the most of their life in Russia. When you live abroad, there are several issues that you should have the answer to. Foreigners and expats are faced with a lots of difficulties to find, for example, the right health insurance, relevant contacts for immediate or future relocation, information and support from professionals on how to launch a business, ideas/ suggestions on what to do during the weekends, and many more…

During Foreignerslife exhibition, not only Foreigners and Expats can discuss with professionals and make valuable business partnerships, but they get to know more about the country they live in

During this exhibition, we welcome companies from varied fields of business :  tax/audit, financial services, medical protection, fine quality food, education, relocation, activities to do during the weekend and many more.

The key moment of the event is the Foreignerslife Forum. It is the unique place for foreigners to discuss different kinds of topics of interest: the future of the ruble, places to invest, the image of Russia. This year, our Forum will be hosted by Moscow Chamber of Commerce (MCCI is the largest business association in Moscow that unites over 3500 companies representing various segments and sectors of the city’s economy )

Foreignerslife is the place for foreigners, expats and Russian with a global mindset that want the make the most of their life here.



To get the ticket go directly

  1. “Buy Tickets”
  2. Choose 1 ticket to the Exhibition for 500 rub
  3. Put your promocode
  4. Get your ticket


To get more information or call us +7 499 350 65 64

To register for the Forum contact


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